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Learn key accounting & financial strategies specific to music product retailing from music industry CPAs and experts, Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., P.C. Members of Tri-Technical Systems, Inc. will then show you how to implement and integrate these financial concepts and strategies into your daily music store operations using your AIMsi accounting software system.

Musitech Course Descriptions

AIMsi Updates and New Technologies

AIMsi version 11 has many new enhancements and features. This session will go into depth on some of the more important features and you will learn how to implement them in your store. Some of these include …

  • How the changes to the credit card management help keep your store compliant
  • New ways to expedite customer data entry
  • How to allow customers to submit and approve service estimates online
  • A new “Daily Notes” feature to help record thoughts on daily sales, activities, etc.
  • How to bring your customers online from within your store using QR codes and site addresses on printed labels

Inventory Purchasing

Every music retailer seems to be suffering from the same inventory problems: an abundance of guitars and amps, too few of the fast-moving accessories in stock, the wrong mix of print music, and too many un-rented band & orchestral instruments sitting on the shelves. How does this happen? In this session, you’ll learn how to…

  • Populate accurate records straight from your suppliers
  • Establish templates for purchasing the right quantities and mix of product
  • Account for product as it is received and invoiced via Payables
  • Analyze data via reports for preserving and improving cash flow

Inventory Management

With newly acquired inventory buying skills under your belt, you’re able to identify what your customers want and you’ve acquired that inventory at the best prices and terms from your product suppliers. With all of the sales, cost and gross profit reporting provided by your AIMsi software, you’ve even implemented a "new & improved" commission plan for your sales staff. But cash is still tight, and we all know why…too much inventory. How can you stop this dangerous trend? In a follow-up to the "Inventory Buying" session, this "Inventory Management" session will teach you how to …

  • Identify and quickly resolve management problems
  • Run proper periodic physical counts
  • Adjust order counts for common scenarios
  • Get the data needed to make better managing decisions


Any store’s lessons program can be its own unique creature consisting of instructors, coordinators, students, and the tangled web that weaves them all together into a complex mess of lost profit potentials. Tame this beast with the help of AIMsi’s scheduling module. We’ll explore how to…

  • Determine the best lesson program for your business based on your situation
  • Create your available lesson programs, who teaches what, and when your instructors are free to add new students into their curriculum
  • Manage both your private and group classes
  • Fine-tune your ledger to meet your needs
  • Take your program online for real-time acceptance of prospective students

Rental Instrument Tracking

It’s a widely-held belief that music instrument rental programs are one of the last few highly profitable facets of music retailing. They provide most school music retailers (and now even keyboard and Combo/MI dealers) with a steady stream of cash flow throughout the year and huge profits over many years. But if not accounted for, taxed and financed correctly, rental pools can get you into big trouble – you’d be surprised how many dealers are currently in violation of these rules. This session will explore the benefits and costs of a well-run rental program, as well as the dangerous pitfalls found in many misguided rental programs. You’ll discover how to…

  • Improve rental profitability and account for your lease pool
  • Avoid hidden pitfalls and common mistakes created by improper management
  • Establish your rental programs in AIMsi for accurate accounting, tax liability and data analysis
  • Generate replenishment reports and prep for the coming rental periods
  • Make landing new rental customers easy by taking your programs online
  • Easily capture prospective renters offsite and offline for streamlined processing upon return to the store

Year-End AIMsi Procedures

Like most music retailers, you have a handle on what you need to do each day to run your store. You know how to staff your store for the peak selling seasons, you know how to stock your store with the right mix and amount of inventory, and you know which types of advertising to use to effectively get the word out about your store. But do you know the same kind of routines to perform to effectively use your AIMsi accounting software system? In this session, you will learn which year-end tasks will provide you, your bookkeeper and your accountant the appropriate data to accurately report your annual business activity. You’ll also discover what AIMsi annual "tune-ups" will help keep your system running efficiently. Specifically, you will learn…

  • Which AIMsi modules should be periodically reviewed to adjust data, assuring accurate interim and year-end financial reporting
  • How to update these modules to correctly remove unsuitable or unneeded data
  • The reports that should be run to accurately report your store’s year-end financial results
  •  How to streamline your system’s performance by running specific software utilities on a regular and consistent basis

AIMsi Tips and Tricks

Most AIMsi users are always looking for ways to use AIMsi to help them become more efficient with their daily tasks. Since it’s hard to find the "AIMsi for Dummies" book at your local bookstore, we’ve assembled a list of helpful "Tips & Tricks" to help add some efficiency to your daily routines. Specifically, you will learn…

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Report Shortcuts
  • Useful Daily, Weekly and Monthly Routines
  • How to record payroll data
  • And others…see below!

NOTE: We know all seasoned AIMsi users have discovered their own tips and/or tricks over the years of using AIMsi. If you have some tip or trick of your own that you’d like to share with other AIMsi users, enter a description of that tip or trick in the form that is available after you have registered. An esteemed panel of AIMsi experts will be selecting their "Top Suggestion" and rewarding the submitter with a special prize of picking up the tab for their two-day MusicTech Workshop.